A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Its a plant that needs care, just help it out.

The bug its called Elizabeth, Lilly for short.

Input the codes to perform the actions that appear in the box on the bottom right BUT in time with the music.

GameJam theme: Mix Genres

Genres picked: Rhythm + Simulation

Game made by: 
Henrique Varela (ZeroKyojin)
Artur Moutinho (Soulwrym)
André Fernandes (ElisianMind)

With help from:
Pedro Brandão (TheFlipingNinja)

Beta tester and bug namer:

Install instructions

You know how to


DancingPlant.zip 28 MB


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Nice! Really cute and simple. Maybe the plant should be a little bit more colorful or it could bloom at the end, but still love it :)

-Made a Video.

-The Game: 14:01 (The 3rd Game)

"very short, but i like the music."

yoooo thanks dude!!!! i had fun making it and im happy you had fun playing it!!!

Would review from computer. But it died after opening the game. Good ol'bluescreen. 10/10

Good grpx tho

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Thanks !!! the classic friend comment